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What makes us different?


We believe there's a better way to get people ahead financially without the sales job!  We are NOT affiliated with any financial institution or organization.  We work for our clients! Period!

Unique Process

Our approach uses proprietary visuals which lets you "see" your finances. This makes it easy to understand money and make the best decisions.  We make sure you 'get it before you buy it" to avoid mistakes. 

Custom Solutions

Everyone is different which makes every client unique.  Our process "custom fits your finances", ensuring your decisions are a reflection of your situaiton, values, and goals.

What's The D.E.A.L.?

We help you D.E.A.L. with money in real life by understanding who you are, where you're at, and what's important.

Decision - I have to make a choice and can't decide!

Do I buy or rent?  Retire now or later?  Take the pension or the cash value? Pay down my debts or invest? We help you determine what the best course of action is in a way you can understand!

Education - I need someone to teach me!

Where did you learn about money?  investments? insurance? taxes?  We make sure you know all about you, your money, and the financial services industry!

Advice - I need someone I can trust to guide me!

Am I being told what to do or sold a product? Advice is about making a financial choice that right for you.  We work with you to get to that point, not work you towards a sale!

Life - I need help in dealing with events in my life!

Getting married? Retiring? Buying a home? Loss of a loved one? Your life is full of exciting changes and difficult challenges.  We help you assess the impact of life events, lower stress, and improve outcomes!

What's your financial picture?

Our way of "seeing" your money!  Check it out!

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3D Financial Solutions

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