The 3D Wealth Process

Discovery, Design, Deploy

We’ve Developed a Personalized Process
to Get to the Heart of How we Can Best Help You.

When it comes to financial planning, there is only one person that matters: You. Because this is your life, your goals, your dreams. That’s why we focus on financial planning for your whole life – from your first job to your last and beyond.

Let’s build a financial plan that puts you at the center of it all, one that takes you from today to tomorrow, pausing now and again to enjoy life’s great moments along the way. We’ve developed a personalized wealth planning process to get to the heart of how we can best help you.


Every Relationship Begins With a Little Discovery

This is our aim with every first encounter, where we hope to discover more about your current situation, your objectives and your values. This crucial step also serves to determine whether we can be the right team to provide you with the greatest value towards achieving your financial goals.

Our discovery stage will help us create a clearer picture of your goals, who they involve, what they involve, when you want them to materialize and what drives you.

At this stage, we aim to gather information on the following facets of your life:

Your Family Education Inheritance

Health Travel Insurance

Your estate Trusts Philanthropy

Corporation Taxation Career


We Believe in Success by Design Rather Than Chance

Next, we provide you with a personalized financial plan carefully designed to guide you towards achieving your goals. Your plan may shift overtime to account for important changes in your life, but it shall remain as a road-map to keep us on track towards reaching your objectives.

A financial plan for you and your family

A cash flow plan that funds your lifestyle

An investment policy statement explaining how your money will be managed

A portfolio uniquely suitable for your growth and protection needs.


We Work Hard to Keep You on Track to Reach Your Objectives

Once we’ve designed a personalized plan that is in line with your current situation and your future goals, we can deploy the investment strategies that will aim to grow and protect your assets to your desired outcomes. This is an ongoing process that involves a disciplined analytical monitoring and readjustment procedure on our end, as well as a diligent communication process that will be mutually agreed on.
  • Implementation of investment portfolio

  • Ongoing monitoring of your portfolio

  • Track your portfolio to your personal financial plan

  • Making necessary changes to the plan/portfolio due to market events and/or life changes

  • Quarterly written communication of portfolio activity

  • Quarterly phone calls updating your plan and analyzing the progress

  • Annual in-person reviews of portfolio and financial plan

  • Ongoing discovery and design , taking note of new and changing facets of your financial situation over time

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